Highest Quality 24 Hour Home Care

My loved one needs around the clock supervision. What are the different types of 24 hour home care available?

When looking for 24 hour care, there are two options that you can consider: hourly and live-in home care.

What is hourly care?
When a loved one needs constant supervision 24 hours a day, hourly care may be the best option. Hourly 24 hour care consists of two-12 hour shifts each day. The first 12 hours would be performed by the dayshift caregiver and the next 12 hours will be performed by the nightshift caregiver. Both caregivers will be awake throughout the entire shift and fully attentive to your loved one’s needs at every hour. Around the clock hourly care is suggested when your loved one needs constant attention throughout the night. This service is recommended if your loved one wakes up frequently, wanders, or needs personal care assistance during the nighttime.

What is live-in care?

Live-in 24 hour home care can be an affordable alternative to hourly care. Live-in care consists of a caregiver staying overnight with your loved one to help them with all of their care needs. Live-in caregivers will work only a certain amount of days a week and then be relieved by another live-in caregiver. For a typical seven day live-in schedule, it is typically broken up into 4 days with one caregiver (the weekday live-in caregiver) and then 3 days with another caregiver (the weekend live-in caregiver). Live-in caregivers will be available to assist with all your needs throughout the day but do require (by law) downtime to sleep. Live-in care also requires that there is a private room designated for the caregiver for sleep. Live-in care is typically much less costly than hourly care and is recommended for your loved one if he or she does not need any assistance during the nighttime.